The SE-20 Series Fittings are constructed using Epoxy Powder coated galvanized steel sheets. It is suitable for any retrofit or new installations.

In year 2018, SHINZ have upgraded the SE-20 series with SE-20ST/ SE-20RST emergency luminaires with automatic testing (EL-T) and switched the batteries from NiCad to Lithium Iron Phosphates ( LIFePO₄) . It was tested and approved by Malaysia SIRIM. We have also obtained Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Licence. Until today we have successfully sold more than 20,000 units throughout Malaysia.

SE-20ST Surfaced Mount

SE-20ST Surfaced Mount

SE-20RST Recessed Mount

EL is short for “Emergency Lighting”, the extra “T” in EL-T stands for “Automatic Testing”. This means, EL defines the basic requirements that are relevant for all emergency lighting control gear, EL-T includes all of these basic requirements plus some additional ones that are relevant for automatic testing.

EL and EL-T are self-compliance marks. They confirm that emergency lighting control gear comply with all the relevant standards. Like the CE mark, EL and EL-T work as self-compliance mark. This means that the manufacturer is responsible for putting on the mark. The marks can be used without further investigation through an external certification body.


  1. Self-Contained Emergency Light with Automatic Testing (EL-T) system, non-maintained mode of operation that comes with high temperature sealed Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) batteries to back up 3 hours (180Minutes) constantly when power failure. The EL-T system shall provide functional test on LED source, inner charger & switch over control monthly and duration test on battery capacity yearly. An indicator shall be alert (blink) draws to any fault issues on lighting circuit , battery capacity and charging circuit.
  2. The Emergency Luminaires shall be tested and comply to MS 619-2-22:2005 & IEC 60598-2-22:1997 and Amd. 1:2022, MOD
  3. The LiFePO₄ Batteries shall comply to both safety standard of IEC 62133:2012 and performance standard IEC 62620:2014.
  4. The emergency luminaire fitting is constructed using high injection moulded fire reductant polycarbonate with IP20.
  5. Suitable for indoor applications such as anti-panic areas, emergency escape route and high-risk task areas.