SHINZ TE-22ST Beam lights emergency luminaire with multiple movable lamps and optical elements enable you to direct light flow in high-risk interior areas.

These include warehouses and high ceiling commercial areas such as large factory floors, shopping centres, distribution centers or entertainment venues.

The twin beam light emergency luminaire also suit applications such as long, narrow escape routes where their 360° directional heads, and up and down adjustability, offer total flexibility. Safety equipment locations, as well as task locations that change, also benefit from its high performance and directional functionality.

EL is short for “Emergency Lighting”, the extra “T” in EL-T stands for “Automatic Testing”. This means, EL defines the basic requirements that are relevant for all emergency lighting control gear, EL-T includes all of these basic requirements plus some additional ones that are relevant for automatic testing.

EL and EL-T are self-compliance marks. They confirm that emergency lighting control gear comply with all the relevant standards. Like the CE mark, EL and EL-T work as self-compliance mark. This means that the manufacturer is responsible for putting on the mark. The marks can be used without further investigation through an external certification body.


  1. Self-Contained Emergency Light with Automatic Testing (EL-T) system, non-maintained mode of operation that comes with high temperature sealed Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) batteries to back up 3 hours (180Minutes) constantly when power failure. The EL-T system shall provide functional test on LED source, inner charger & switch over control monthly and duration test on battery capacity yearly. An indicator shall be alert (blink) draws to any fault issues on lighting circuit , battery capacity and charging circuit.
  2. The Emergency Luminaires shall be tested and comply to MS 619-2-22:2005 & IEC 60598-2-22:1997 and Amd. 1:2022, MOD
  3. The LiFePO₄ Batteries shall comply to both safety standard of IEC 62133:2012 and performance standard IEC 62620:2014.
  4. The emergency luminaire fitting is constructed using high injection moulded fire reductant polycarbonate with IP20.
  5. Suitable for indoor applications such as anti-panic areas, emergency escape route and high-risk task areas.