Emergency Lighting with Automatic Testing

EL is short for “Emergency Lighting”, the extra “T” in EL-T stands for “Automatic Testing”. This means, EL defines the basic requirements that are relevant for all emergency lighting control gear, EL-T includes all of these basic requirements plus some additional ones that are relevant for automatic testing. EL and EL-T are self-compliance marks. They confirm that emergency lighting control gear comply with all the relevant standards. Like the CE mark, EL and EL-T work as self-compliance mark. This means that the manufacturer is responsible for putting on the mark. The marks can be used without further investigation through an external certification body.

How does self-test emergency lighting work and why is it increasingly important for end-users?

Self-test emergency products can reduce the burden of testing emergency lighting installations as these perform all mandatory testing automatically, removing the need for the user or building owner to perform manual testing.  The luminaire performs its own functionality test and an LED indicator on the device draws attention to any issues.

Testing Requirements

Monthly functional tests and annual full duration tests are automatically initiated with results shown via an LED indicator on the indicating light. The responsible person need only check the status of the LED indicator and record the results in the log book. This still requires manual checks / physical walk-arounds and it also requires manual and reactive rectification work.

Check Charge Function

Check Lamp Operation

Check Battery Capacity

Check Duration

Not only is this a far less time-consuming and lower-cost operation than with manual testing, it also ensures that maintenance personnel are only required to attend to lights with reported faults. Where a fault is identified the LED indicator will report (Blink) what is at fault and continue to report (Blink) this until the fault has been rectified.

Saving Time & Money

Testing Causes No Disruption

More Effective and Reliable than Manual Testing

Easy to Install