New SK-15E series with an ultimate designed to provide combination of Keluar Signs and emergency light that illuminating the safety sign pictogram and as well as spaces on the floor. This Combo Exit Sign meets the MS2687:2018 which is necessary  to indentify and needed to be hightlighted to ensure people do not trip or fall during evacuations.

With this series we designed 2 versions of testing facilities which are Manual and EL-T (Automatic Testing) to accommodate the needs and wants from different segment of industry. An EL-T versions will be values added and ease of maintainence.

What is a Combo Emergency Light / Exit Sign?

Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combo provide the functionality of egress signage (“exit signs”) with emergency egress lighting in one easy to install unit. And yet, exit signs play a vital role for all sorts of buildings. Although we rarely think about it, emergencies can strike at any moment. In those situations, you must know how to exit the building safely.

You’ve seen them so often that you probably don’t notice them. After all, what are the chances you’ll ever need to see them? That’s why an exit emergency light combo is so critical. In an emergency like a fire, people’s visibility often becomes impaired. Other times, the power could go out in a building, making an LED exit emergency sign incredibly helpful.

The main difference between a normal exit sign and a combo exit sign is that the combo exit sign includes additional features, such as emergency lights. Here’s a breakdown:

Normal Exit Sign:
This is the standard sign used to indicate an emergency exit. It’s designed to be clearly visible and is often illuminated to ensure visibility in low light conditions.

Combo Exit Sign: This type of sign combines the features of a normal exit sign with emergency lighting. The combo exit sign not only indicates the exit but also provides illumination to the area, ensuring that the path to the exit is well-lit during an emergency when power may be out.

Combo Exit Signs are particularly useful in hallways and near doors where additional lighting is necessary to guide people safely out of the building during an emergency. They are efficient in terms of maintenance since both the sign and the lights can be serviced together, and they don’t take up additional space for separate emergency lights.

Shinz SK-15E Combo Led Keluar Sign


Time is of the essence during evacuation, this means it is critical that all escape route signage can be quickly seen, understood and followed. Section 4.1 of EN1838:2013 details this point stating that ‘Signs which are provided at all exits intended to be used in an emergency and along escape routes shall be illuminated to indicate unambiguously the route of escape to a point of safety’.






Benefits of Combo Exit Sign

Integrated Emergency Lighting:

Combo exit signs come with built-in emergency lights, providing clear visibility in case of power outages, which is crucial during evacuations.

Ease of Installation:

Having a combined unit reduces installation time and overhead, as it’s one fixture instead of two separate ones.

Efficient Maintenance:

Servicing is more straightforward since both the sign and the emergency lights are part of the same unit.

Guidance for Occupants and First Responders:

They provide a clear indication of exit routes, aiding both occupants in leaving the premises and first responders in navigating during emergencies.


The combo exit sign includes both the exit signage and emergency lighting, which means if one light fails, the other can still function to provide guidance.


  1. Self-Contained internally illuminated ‘Combo Keluar Sign’ ( EL-T) system with maintained mode of operation that comes with high Temperature Sealed Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LifePO₄) Battery to back up 3hours. Batteries shall comply to safety ( IEC 62133:2012) and performance ( IEC 62620 :2014) standards. The Self-contained Keluar Signs shall manufactured to meet and comply to MS IEC 60598-1:2006 and both MS 983:2004 & MS 619-2-22:2005. The Emergency Luminaires (EL-T) shall provide Functionality Test on Led source, Inner charger & Switch over control monthly and yearly Duration Test for battery.
  2. The Shinz SK-15E ( EL-T ) fitting is constructed using Electro Galvanised Steel Sheet with Epoxy Powder Coating with IP20 that is suitable for indoor applications such as exit ways on escape route , anti panic areas and hazadous areas.