LED emergency converter kit or LED emergency power pack (LED emergency driver) is an inverter along with a rechargeable battery that is used to convert normal LED lighting fixtures to emergency safety lighting which mostly applying on high-risk areas.

The SHINZ ” SEPM SERIES ” Emergency Powerpack Modules (LED emergency driver) are designed to convert a wide range of LED types which compatible to internal Led driver (non-insulated) or external Led driver. It is dedicated designed to operate either full or reduced light output in an emergency of power outage.

F (Full) – Suitable for LEDs luminaires which are compatible to Internal LED Driver (non-insulated) / Integrated driver type.

H (Hyper) – Suitable for LEDs which are equipped with Separate / External driver type.

Note : Please refer to Technical Characteristic


SEPM 0320F

SEPM 0580H

Main Luminaire Conversion

An emergency powerpack modules are available to convert main luminaires for emergency use. The conversion kits comprises of an emergency module and for self contained conversions a rechargeable batteries. In instances where the main luminaires contain more than one lamp, it is usual to convert just one of the lamp for emergency use.

Sustained or Combined Emergency Luminaire

Luminaire containing two or more lamps, at least one of which is energized from the emergency lighting supply and the others from the normal lighting supply. A combined emergency luminaire is either maintained or non-maintained.